Saturday, September 24, 2016


This morning I spent at least an hour sorting through my closet and picking out items to donate to Deseret Industries thrift shop for resale to others. It felt good going through many pairs of pants, some new with tags still on them. Deciding which fit and that I would wear, and giving away the others. It's called DECLUTTERING and is so helpful not just for closets but for our minds. I've found a way to do  it with my mind. It's called MORNING PAGES-3 handwritten pages every morning before I start my day to capture and sort all those random thoughts that whirl through my mind, confusing and stopping me from focusing on what's really important. Try it-you'll be amazed.


Jean said...

It was comforting to read "some with tags..." I'm guilty of that, too. A good purging session does wonders for home space and mental space.

Millie said...

I just did that again this weekend. Got another bag of clothes for a needed sister in our ward. It sure makes me feel good to see her every Sunday with one of outfits on. Keep it up Lin, it will make you feel great.