Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Well, I used to blog daily, now I'm lucky if it's once a week now although I'm writing more on FACEBOOK. Guess that's okay-unless it causes me STRESS. That's when your mind is on overload with all there is to do BUT I have DISCOVERED a CURE for that, it's called MORNING PAGES. Created by Julia Cameron in her earliest book The Artist's Way, I've kind of used it for years now, but called it journaling.

In the purest sense Morning Pages are done in the morning, by hand not on the computer like my journaling is and done at one  sitting. Getting up  in the morning, it's the first thing I try to do, go to my desk, take out my journal and write THREE PAGES of random thoughts down freely without thinking about grammar, spelling, etc. Just writing daily about anything or nothing just to loosen up and relax yourself of all the many items whirling around in your head...

We all have them: to do lists, guilt feelings, naggings, and self criticisms. LIFE! Just the process of taking pencil in hand, helps you to SLOW DOWN  and FOCUS MORE. TRY IT,  YOU'LL BE AMAZED. Write quickly and freely, don't reread what you've written, just let it be for now.


  1. Great idea! I SO need to try this. Thank you.

  2. Gosh... I only write in my journal when we're on trips now. This sounds like a good idea though. I could use less stress.

  3. I'm finding morning pages the best way to start my day. For instance I went to bed with a little conflict in my soul. I wrote about it this morning and realized through the process a path where I could cease being a victim and some actin to take. My day went so well!
    Thanks to morning pages. I can't wait til tomorrow!