Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Somewhere in Time

The other morning my husband came inside from getting his newspaper and told me there was a dead lizard on our block wall outside. Well, I had to see this because lizards move so quickly that you hardly ever get a closeup view. Sure enough the lizard looked dead, BUT he wasn't. Later when we went out to see if he was still there, the wall was empty.

We surmised that the cold morning had stopped our lizard from moving about until it warmed up more. That brought all kinds of thoughts to me about a possible poem which I attempted to compose. Unfortunately I can't find the paper I wrote it on, but I'm sure it will turn up SOMEWHERE IN TIME as I work on sorting all my paper piles on my desk.

Do you have a thought about this lizard or an idea for a title for the photo? He is hanging on tenaciously. That's a hard word to spell correctly. Some days I feel like that too. Love to have your thoughts on this topic, just leave them in a comment. Meanwhile I'm still looking for my poem....lol!


  1. urp, gag. I don't like lizards, red or brown, dead or alive, real or fake. You can have every last one of em.

  2. I will say this, though. He does look like a tenacious little bugger. He's stretched himself about as far as his limbs will take him. We should all try and stretch to our full capacity like that. He also hangs on, really hangs on, until he feels secure in his grip. Then he gathers his courage and takes his next step. Once he starts moving, he just goes forward, no hesitation, no looking back. He plunges ahead, moving as quickly as he knows how to where he wants to go. You could learn a lot from watching him, I suppose. As for me, I'd rather turn the hose on high, sit, and watch it squiggle all over the lawn.