Monday, September 19, 2016

Healing Memoirs Class

Here's my second class with a group of friends studying Julia Cameron's book It's Never Too Late To Begin Again. We have a fun group of creative individuals who are interested in wriitng their life story in a new way. Looking for the positive qualities from past experiences in terms of discovering Wonder, Freedom, Connection, Purpose, Honesty, Humility, Resilience, Joy, Motion, Vitality, Adventure and Faith. It's interesting as we search weekly for these qualities in our past experiences, it helps bring healing and balance to the trials and challenges that we each have faced. If you'd like a handout from class, just email me at lin at sunrivertoday dot com and I'll send you a copy. You can learn with us. We are only on chapter 2-FREEDOM now.

Missing is Barbara-too close to camera, L-R: Pat, Isabelle, Carolyn, Judy, Cindy, Cathy, Carolyn and Pat-all friends willing to learn new things!

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