Friday, August 5, 2016


Interesting as  you age to look back on your life to see what you were doing in past years. From my journals I've extracted this info.


Wed, Aug 5, 2015 DAY FIVE: in Skagway got up early at 5 am, thought it was 6 am-went to breakfast buffet alone. it takes too much time before the family esp. the boys are awake to go as a group to eat.  I like the peace and quiet of the morning alone. I’ve scheduled a train ride today for the girls-Tina, twins and me-one on one time with family is invaluable.

Three hour train ride to White Pass then some shopping and off to the historical museum alone to learn more about the Klondike Gold Rush. This is where my ggpa Wm. Marion Johnson came in 1897 looking for riches. After 2 years here, it was a bust for most gold seekers. Saw an interesting film on history of this area. Twins and Tina just wanted to shop so they did. I tried to find my way back to the ship but got on the Norwegian Pearl rather than the Norwegian Jewel. They look the same but are quite a distance apart in the port-a long tiring walk to find the right ship loaded down with souvenirs and coat, etc. So tired, glad we are at sea tomorrow. A day of rest, then Victoria and home. More photos and journaling see

1. Do you journal? (Blogging can be journaling.)
2. IF so, how can it help you?
3. IF not, why?


Rambling Woods said...

I thought of you as I found a box of my journals from the 80s and 90s... Reading them as I have time...

dellgirl said...

I journal off and on, have done so for a long time. It helps to put my thoughts in writing, clears away the to speak.