Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summertime GOALS

It's now June-don't ask me how fast that came along-IT JUST DID! So with a whole summer before me, I'm thinking it's time to analyze my goals and activities that will fill my waking hours.

1. EXERCISE-after talking to my physical therapist son Frank lately, I realized I need to return to water aerobics. At least twice a week in our retirement's outdoor pool but just to walk in the water in our outdoor pool by myself. I used to go to pool classes three times a week, but that bothered my knee. So, now I'm making my own routine of walking in the water. FUN!

2. WEIGHT CONTROL-been loosing weight slowly-the best way by trying to eat smarter and less. I think it's easier to keep the weight off that way and so far it's working. It's fun to be able to fit into summer clothes that were too tight and take control of my diabetes better.

3. SPIRITUAL FOOD-trying to daily fed myself spritually with scriptures and service. Funny how this always seems to take a second place to other activities like REAL FOOD. Just a matter of getting myself under control. Scheduling a time and place to nourish my soul, and looking for opportunities to help and reach out to others who surround us.

What are three goals you have for this summer? Leave a comment for us to see.


  1. I'm always working on my weight and maintaining an exercise routine. Overcoming stiffness and pain is becoming more of a problem these days.
    And I want to work on my happiness factor. I am in need of feeling real joy more often.

  2. You have great goals and I should make some so I feel like I am getting somewhere

  3. My summer goals: 1. Continue going to exercise class three mornings a week. There are seven of us who attend regularly, and I find the bond we've created helps tremendously to motivate me. 2. Play hostess to our great niece, Violet. She will be visiting us for two separate weeks this summer. In addition, I hope she can visit us for a couple of weekends for special events. 3. Work in my gardens, both flower and vegetable. In late summer it will be time to can tomatoes and also make roasted tomato sauce (delicious!)

  4. Good for you! Exercise is the hardest thing for me to keep up. It's especially difficult because our Zumba class is on a summer hiatus.

  5. Aaacckkkk!! This is a painful reminder that making goals, and having some kind of accountability for how often and well you're working on them, is a valuable (and necessary) tool for development. You know me.... I just like to saunter through my days. I'm going to write some things down to work on, hang the list somewhere that Ill see it regularly, and check them off daily when done. How's that for being an inspiration to your gal pal, "C"?