Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer scheduling?

We are now heavy duty into summer and it's easy to just do nothing other than think about what you'd like to accomplish, but don't have time for. Being retired, I have the luxury of time on my order to make best use of it, I keep a daily schedule with definite appointments and open free time PLUS a list of my summer goals. That way I make sure I fit them in sometime during my days. It's too easy to let naps take precedence over other activities like SCRIPTURE STUDY, INDEXING, CONTACTING LOVED ONES, and PERSONAL CREATIVITY PROJECTS like writing poetry or taking photos. Although if I had a hammock hanging in nearby trees-I might choose that first!

How do you manage your free time? If you have any...I found I can double up on some activities or goals- like listen to my scriptures on my I-Pad while curling my hair. Any ideas you'd like to share? Also it's important to be open to SERENDIPITY or chance happenings. Today I'm scheduled two hours just to go shopping out on the town in our air conditioned mall while it hits 108 degrees again today. For exercising, I've reserved T, Th, and Sat at 7:30 am in our outdoor community pool before others arrive for my water walking. Hope to add a friend to also be albe to socialize at the same time.


Jean said...

When I was a teacher, for 36 years, I kept a daily to-do list. I made sure I accomplished everything in the allotted time. I'm SO glad to be rid of that list, but I regret I don't accomplish as much per day. Sometimes I tell myself to get back to the list, but then I say," Tomorrow."😜

wispy willow said...

You know me.... I'm more a "fly by the seat of my pants" kinda gal. I wake up when I wake up. I eat what sounds light and tasty when my tummy tells me it's time. I sit on my deck and read, or go for a swim, visit one of the kids, water and dead head my flower gardens, type a note, rummage through Pinterest, hit a garage sale, take a drive with my hubby, wash the car, do some laundry, take a walk, whatever my mood suggests...or opportunity lays before me.

Wayne and I both just sort of let any free time fill up with surprises. We often putter, fritter, dawdle or tinker the hours away... and enjoy every last minute of it.

Someday we will learn more about family history research and do some genealogy. We talk often about a mission. Our kids want me to gather my writings into something resembling a book for them. I imagine that our lives will get busier and more "productive" as we get more involved in these activities. But, we will always keep free time on our calendars for being silly, snoozing, schlepping,
sensual pleasures, (like massages, pedicures, eating ice cream cones, hot rolls, and fresh fruits salads...and soaking up sunshine)