Sunday, June 12, 2016


Lunch at the Painted Pony to celebrate!

Our Dancing Days Story

We met at an LDS singles dance
Funny thing because you can’t dance
After a few community dance lessons
You gave up but came to dance anyway

I was a professional college dance teacher
Divorced and lonely who frequented the dances
Always looking for a willing dance partner
Someone tall around six feet or so would do

There you were standing out in the crowd
Trying to look invisible, watching others dance
Coming closer, I asked if you wanted to dance
You told me truthfully you couldn’t dance

I tried the rest of the night unsuccessfully
To teach you a few ballroom dance basics
We talked and I found out your first name
Was the same as my ex-husband’s name

You graciously allowed me to change
Your first name to your middle name Allen
Which stuck as we have now been married
Fifteen years but stopped going to dances

Our first date was to a dance the next evening
The music was so loud that we couldn’t hear
Ourselves so we left early and sat in my car
Getting to know each other better by talking

You were divorced also and had four daughters
I had four sons and am four years older than you
The next day you called and I invited you
To dinner with two of my sons and a home teacher

Thus started a whirlwind relationship of
Weekend dates as you commuted from Arizona
Via Morris Airlines special flights to Salt Lake City
You came, we talked, tried to dance and fell in love

Engaged after a few months of long distance courting
We waited till June to marry in the temple
There to pledge fidelity to each other forever
And begin family life anew as step parents


Millie said...

Happy Anniversary to the both of you. You both look great. Enjoy your celebration...HORRAY!!!

Linda Reeder said...

Happy Anniversary! Great story!

Kay said...

It's so wonderful that you found each other and such happiness. Happy Anniversary, Lin and Allen.

mom/caryn said...

And, after all these years, you're still trying to dance around one another. And that, my friends, is marriage in a nutshell. You picked a good man, Lin. And he picked one of the best women ever placed on this planet. Keep on truckin.. Love ya!

gremhog said...

great recap! Thanks

dellgirl said...

Thanks for sharing the story of how the two of you met, dated, then married. I enjoyed it a lot.

Happy (Belated) Anniversary to you both! Hope you are blessed with many more.