Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Okay, it's that important day of honoring our fathers which also includes our husbands who enabled us to become mothers. Here's a photo of my four sons when we got together in one place for the twins graduation last month. THANKS to my sons who have chosen to become fathers and enabled me to become a GRANDMOTHER. Love each of you.

Happy mom with her four sons all together: l-r Frank, Daniel, Brook and Jeffrey

I want to honor all the fathers in my family tree who enabled me to be here on earth.


mom/caryn said...

I managed to pick out some of your dad. I'm wondering who some of the others are... and if they're on your mother's or your father's side.

I think one of the greatest days of my entire life was when I was able to pass my first born child to my husband and watch the tears well as he held his son and realized that he was a father. He was so proud, and a wee bit overwhelmed by it all. It was a sweet moment.

And now, I watch my son as a father and it's such a joy to see the baton passed.

Honestly? Can I say it? I like Father's Day so much more than I do Mother's Day. I enjoy every part of it more. I love watching the kids with their dad. They are so tender...and so playful when they interact. I love knowing that these children are a gift that I gave him. I love knowing that a part of my husband will live on through his children and I played a major role in that legacy. It fills me! Yup! For me, Father's Day trumps Mother's. There I said it. Don't get me wrong, I like Mother's Day...well, all but the primary program/sacrament meeting part. I really, REALLY love being a mother! But, I don;t know how to express the joy I receive from paying homage to the man who made it all possible, not just through his seed...but because he has provided for and protected us in every way. He has been a comfort, a companion, advocate, and teacher through both word and example. Happy Father's Day Wayne. I raise my glass to father's everywhere... young and old...

mom/caryn said...

I REALLY LOVE the photo of you with your boys!!! It's a great picture of you, and it's such a treat to see you all together and look for family genes in their handsome faces. They are a good looking bunch!

dellgirl said...

Oh Lin, what handsome sons your have. I love your photo, it's beautiful. You are truly blessed. Glad you shared this with us, thanks.