Sunday, June 5, 2016


I love Sundays and the opportunity to rest, look back on my week, and attend church. Looking back on my first week of "summer," it's been hot-106 degrees, but productive. Got to the pool twice for my early morning exercise walking in the pool, did a little sunbathing, tried to eat healthier-lost 2 pounds, did lots of indexing of Philipino marriage records for my church, did some visiting of Relief Society sisters in our Branch, spent time talking with hubby-he's not a talker and watched some good videos: "Disney before Mickey" and "Leap Year"-a hilarious decent romance. Also got a perm so now I have curly hair again. Hubby didn't ask me this time "what's so permanent about your perms?" He does have a sense of humor. We manage to go to an LDS play "Charley" on a date this week and out to dinner twice! Also shopped for food, did laundry and a little house cleaning.

What were the highlights of your activities this week?


Jean said...

Highlights of my week? Finishing the shawl I've been knitting since FOREVER; entertained our good friends for dinner last evening.

Linda Reeder said...

Well, let's see. Walking every day, gardening, not going to the dentist- appointment cancelled- Isaac's cross country meet, Irene's 5th/6th grade band concert, breakfast with friends, a cousin's lunch with Tom's sister and cousins, Irene's soccer game, finishing another book. Just another week.

Kay said...

I like Sundays too, but I've been struggling with a bad back. Not a whole lot of highlights for me. I like your date nights though.

mom/caryn said...

I had
a "Tony the Tiger" week. It was GRRReat!!! Loved hearing about yours!