Thursday, June 9, 2016


Today was a trip to the dentist again...this time only for a filling that was getting decayed. After having so many root canels in the past, this was a piece of cake. Only 1/2 hour with less pain and discomfort that other experiences in my life recently. No one told me as a child to avoid cavities because they would lead to fillings which wouldn't last forever and perhaps lead to root canels which are not fun. Both of my parents had false teeth. My dad from an early age and my mom later in her life. Mom always complained about the discomfort of trying to get a good fit and eat with her false teeth. The moral of the story: brush your teeth and floss daily

Interesting how health challenges come in different intensities. Getting my teeth worked on pales to the discomfort of my every 5 week injections in my eye for a swelling in my retina. After my cataract surgery, I now have 20/25 vision in both eyes but my left eye has close up vision problems which were caused by probably high blood pressure. The injections are taking down the swelling. Have been to the doctor about 5 times now and will continue until it's better. Teeth, eyes, joints, organs all part of this incredible body that we are given at birth and that needs our attention and caring throughout our life.


  1. You are so right, Lin. I hear you loud and clear and, I'm right there with you. I hope the eye swelling gets better real soon, it has to be painful getting injections in your eyes. Nothing to say about the dental work, I start to hyper-ventilate just thinking about going to the dentist. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. Dental work would have been no problem for me if they would have found a way to put a silencer on that dang drill. I hated that buzzzzzzzing sound whirling around in my mouth. I especially hated it when they'd cram four adult hands, a mini jackhammer, and an industrial size drill set in my mouth and then ask, "How's the family?" What? I'd answer as best I could, "dawerfanndndmwfmdsus". Miraculously, they understood me.

    Wish I were having lunch with you tomorrow. I would brush and floss immediately after finishing my Reuben Sandwich. Well, okay... a few hours after eating it. Shortly after getting home and, assuaging my guilt for leaving my hubby alone, giving him a hug... and
    my leftovers.