Monday, June 27, 2016

Cooling Off...

Last Saturday we had to get out of town and our air conditioned house to see and feel nature's beauty. Since our favorite place Pine Valley mountains has a wildfire and is evacuated, we headed the other direction. Northeast to Virigin, Utah on the way to Zion Park. Then turned left to go to Kolob Reservoir which is about 8000 ft elevation. The drive is gorgeous going through  parts of Zion Park and then into the higher pines and ended up at a small community where many have summer homes. Here's some photos of our day trip. 

We drove through the western part of Zion Park
Love the red rock of Southern Utah
Wildflowers are in bloom all over.

Ah-trees and coolness-78 degrees and a light breeze is wonderful.
Contented cattle grazing
Even a waterfall to gaze at...
Love all the trees and green ness.
Koloa Reservoir, used for irrigation, fishing and boating


  1. I have to grin at this. For you, 78 and cool. For me, 78 in the Safeway parking lot - way too hot!

  2. Looks like beautiful countryside along your drive. The reservoir at the end is so inviting!

  3. Beautiful photos, so peaceful and serene, Lin. I enjoyed the scenic tour.