Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Doldrums....

It's here––summer freedom, but then
come the long days of heat, boredom.
What to do now or later or never?

Freedom from some responsibilities,
but not other daily routines that demand
time, diligence and produce monotony.

Oh, if it was only fall, then....I could
be free of these long hot days trapped
with my air conditioner inside the house.

What can I do now or later or never?
Take the gift of time, explore possibilities
develop talents buried by responsibilities.

Open eyes of deadness to see life's
opportunities, realize abilities basking
in boredom––wanting some attention.

Write a poem to release feelings then
realize the value of each season of life
What will I do now or later or never?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Cooling Off...

Last Saturday we had to get out of town and our air conditioned house to see and feel nature's beauty. Since our favorite place Pine Valley mountains has a wildfire and is evacuated, we headed the other direction. Northeast to Virigin, Utah on the way to Zion Park. Then turned left to go to Kolob Reservoir which is about 8000 ft elevation. The drive is gorgeous going through  parts of Zion Park and then into the higher pines and ended up at a small community where many have summer homes. Here's some photos of our day trip. 

We drove through the western part of Zion Park
Love the red rock of Southern Utah
Wildflowers are in bloom all over.

Ah-trees and coolness-78 degrees and a light breeze is wonderful.
Contented cattle grazing
Even a waterfall to gaze at...
Love all the trees and green ness.
Koloa Reservoir, used for irrigation, fishing and boating

Friday, June 24, 2016

Playing with WORDS

Trying to develop some word skills to improve my poetry. Working on personification. Make a list of verbs, nouns and adjectives then combine them. Try it, it's fun. 

Verbs-slinks, gathers, claims, shouts, desires, announces, Nouns-sun, clouds, rain, thunder, hail, trees Adjectives-thristy, quiet, reflective, outspoken, silent, boisterous


Silent clouds slink quietly
        across the darkened sky.
Thunder announces its arrival
        with outspoken shouts.
Reflective rain gathers courage
        to make its appearance.
Thristy trees anxiously desire
        another storm's onslaught.
Monsoon's hail arrives boisterously
        claiming our attention.

Now you try it and leave your poem or prose in a comment....

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer scheduling?

We are now heavy duty into summer and it's easy to just do nothing other than think about what you'd like to accomplish, but don't have time for. Being retired, I have the luxury of time on my order to make best use of it, I keep a daily schedule with definite appointments and open free time PLUS a list of my summer goals. That way I make sure I fit them in sometime during my days. It's too easy to let naps take precedence over other activities like SCRIPTURE STUDY, INDEXING, CONTACTING LOVED ONES, and PERSONAL CREATIVITY PROJECTS like writing poetry or taking photos. Although if I had a hammock hanging in nearby trees-I might choose that first!

How do you manage your free time? If you have any...I found I can double up on some activities or goals- like listen to my scriptures on my I-Pad while curling my hair. Any ideas you'd like to share? Also it's important to be open to SERENDIPITY or chance happenings. Today I'm scheduled two hours just to go shopping out on the town in our air conditioned mall while it hits 108 degrees again today. For exercising, I've reserved T, Th, and Sat at 7:30 am in our outdoor community pool before others arrive for my water walking. Hope to add a friend to also be albe to socialize at the same time.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Okay, it's that important day of honoring our fathers which also includes our husbands who enabled us to become mothers. Here's a photo of my four sons when we got together in one place for the twins graduation last month. THANKS to my sons who have chosen to become fathers and enabled me to become a GRANDMOTHER. Love each of you.

Happy mom with her four sons all together: l-r Frank, Daniel, Brook and Jeffrey

I want to honor all the fathers in my family tree who enabled me to be here on earth.

Friday, June 17, 2016


A century plant in our community that is blooming
This bloom is about 20+ feet high 
Day lilies are blooming in our yard-one a day then the bloom dies
Purple sage tree in our yard is blooming too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Relief Society Activity Meeting

Another fun educational day at Relief Society.
Fun poster made by Rose for our activity day
Sprout and green display and lecture by Jan was so interesting 
Kent Jones who does landscaping for our community spoke.
Well attended, we all learned something new.
The irrigation guy answered lots of questions.
Here's Jan, an expert on many topics who shared her knowledge
Jan taught others how to grow sprouts and greens.
Time for lunch-salads brought by the attendees
Lots of choices and recipes to take home. 
Just salads but what a variety!
Lots of socializing going on.
Eating and visiting our favorite activities!

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Lunch at the Painted Pony to celebrate!

Our Dancing Days Story

We met at an LDS singles dance
Funny thing because you can’t dance
After a few community dance lessons
You gave up but came to dance anyway

I was a professional college dance teacher
Divorced and lonely who frequented the dances
Always looking for a willing dance partner
Someone tall around six feet or so would do

There you were standing out in the crowd
Trying to look invisible, watching others dance
Coming closer, I asked if you wanted to dance
You told me truthfully you couldn’t dance

I tried the rest of the night unsuccessfully
To teach you a few ballroom dance basics
We talked and I found out your first name
Was the same as my ex-husband’s name

You graciously allowed me to change
Your first name to your middle name Allen
Which stuck as we have now been married
Fifteen years but stopped going to dances

Our first date was to a dance the next evening
The music was so loud that we couldn’t hear
Ourselves so we left early and sat in my car
Getting to know each other better by talking

You were divorced also and had four daughters
I had four sons and am four years older than you
The next day you called and I invited you
To dinner with two of my sons and a home teacher

Thus started a whirlwind relationship of
Weekend dates as you commuted from Arizona
Via Morris Airlines special flights to Salt Lake City
You came, we talked, tried to dance and fell in love

Engaged after a few months of long distance courting
We waited till June to marry in the temple
There to pledge fidelity to each other forever
And begin family life anew as step parents

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Today was a trip to the dentist again...this time only for a filling that was getting decayed. After having so many root canels in the past, this was a piece of cake. Only 1/2 hour with less pain and discomfort that other experiences in my life recently. No one told me as a child to avoid cavities because they would lead to fillings which wouldn't last forever and perhaps lead to root canels which are not fun. Both of my parents had false teeth. My dad from an early age and my mom later in her life. Mom always complained about the discomfort of trying to get a good fit and eat with her false teeth. The moral of the story: brush your teeth and floss daily

Interesting how health challenges come in different intensities. Getting my teeth worked on pales to the discomfort of my every 5 week injections in my eye for a swelling in my retina. After my cataract surgery, I now have 20/25 vision in both eyes but my left eye has close up vision problems which were caused by probably high blood pressure. The injections are taking down the swelling. Have been to the doctor about 5 times now and will continue until it's better. Teeth, eyes, joints, organs all part of this incredible body that we are given at birth and that needs our attention and caring throughout our life.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


I love Sundays and the opportunity to rest, look back on my week, and attend church. Looking back on my first week of "summer," it's been hot-106 degrees, but productive. Got to the pool twice for my early morning exercise walking in the pool, did a little sunbathing, tried to eat healthier-lost 2 pounds, did lots of indexing of Philipino marriage records for my church, did some visiting of Relief Society sisters in our Branch, spent time talking with hubby-he's not a talker and watched some good videos: "Disney before Mickey" and "Leap Year"-a hilarious decent romance. Also got a perm so now I have curly hair again. Hubby didn't ask me this time "what's so permanent about your perms?" He does have a sense of humor. We manage to go to an LDS play "Charley" on a date this week and out to dinner twice! Also shopped for food, did laundry and a little house cleaning.

What were the highlights of your activities this week?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summertime GOALS

It's now June-don't ask me how fast that came along-IT JUST DID! So with a whole summer before me, I'm thinking it's time to analyze my goals and activities that will fill my waking hours.

1. EXERCISE-after talking to my physical therapist son Frank lately, I realized I need to return to water aerobics. At least twice a week in our retirement's outdoor pool but just to walk in the water in our outdoor pool by myself. I used to go to pool classes three times a week, but that bothered my knee. So, now I'm making my own routine of walking in the water. FUN!

2. WEIGHT CONTROL-been loosing weight slowly-the best way by trying to eat smarter and less. I think it's easier to keep the weight off that way and so far it's working. It's fun to be able to fit into summer clothes that were too tight and take control of my diabetes better.

3. SPIRITUAL FOOD-trying to daily fed myself spritually with scriptures and service. Funny how this always seems to take a second place to other activities like REAL FOOD. Just a matter of getting myself under control. Scheduling a time and place to nourish my soul, and looking for opportunities to help and reach out to others who surround us.

What are three goals you have for this summer? Leave a comment for us to see.