Monday, May 2, 2016

Electronic MONOPOLY

While visiting in northern Utah last weekend, my grandson James-age 10 wanted to play a game. I said sure...and he brought out MONOPOLY. One of my favorite games from the 1950s, BUT this was ELECTRONIC MONOPOLY. No play money––only CREDIT CARDS and a calculator to keep track o your money! And the prices of real estate had changed from reasonable to only available for MILLIONAIRES! Well, it took some adjusting to figure out HOW TO PLAY this mutated game that hardly resembled my childhood game.

The board looks familiar and the real estate but it's quite different.
What are your childhood memories of MONOPOLY. I used to play it everyday after school with my lifelong friend Mary Anne while living in California. We'd get a bunch of penny snacks and have a fun afternoon while my mom worked at the telephone office. What's your story?


Millie said...

Our family loves to play monopoly,its a great fun and wholesome game.

gremhog said...

This is my all time least favorite much so that I just flat out refuse to play it. I did buy my Barrett grands an addition set that sits in the middle of the board and you basically get 2 levels of properties. More houses/hotels. They love the game.