Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Saga of the New Eye Glasses

These days nothing seems easy. Though the cataract surgery went smoothly, I now have almost perfect far vision but limited near vision. Before the surgery it was the opposite I could read without my glasses but seeing far away was a dilemma. Now I feel like Mrs. Magoo for those of you old enough to remember near sighted Mr. Magoo. Easy enough to fix that with glasses-right? WRONG!

Now after my second pair of lenses and new frames, I can see a little better...but not perfectly. I just want to be able to read the comics in the paper and the news, but it's blurry. After three different eye exams, I think we may have found the problem. I have a floater in my left eye which slightly blurs my vision both near and far. It's suppose to go away 2-4 weeks after my surgery....hopefully. So in the meantime, I'm using reading glasses from my friendly Walmart with a power of 3.0 and have a pair with 4.0 ordered. As I is full of little challenges.


  1. Well, that's not good. You are supposed to be fixed!
    I sure hope the "it should go away" thing happens.

  2. My brother just had both eyes done, and he seems to be getting along well.

  3. Rats!! What else can I say.... If this doesn't clear up soon, what does the doc say is the next step? Certainly not continually ordering more reading glasses from WalMart.

  4. The floater is supposed to go away, and it will. Floaters are aggravating but harmless.