Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall Ride in the Sun before winter comes...

There's tons of scenic places to explore around St. Georg.
I still love the scenic stark beauty of the high mountain desert here.
If you don't mind dusty dirt roads, there's lots of solitude out here.
One of our favorite places-Kolob Canyon invites us to a 5 mile drive.
Not many autumn leaves up here, mostly blown away...
Love the shadows on the stark red cliffs of Kolob Fingers
We used to see these dramatic cliffs everyday in New Harmony.
Amazing what wind, rain and time can form out of red sandstone.
New Harmony is a quiet rural town where we used to live.


Terri Tiffany said...

Your photos are beautiful! Would love to take pics there.

mom/caryn said...

New Harmony.... It seems like a century ago. I don't think I have a good grip on time. It seems to have flown by so fast...and the years have all sort of melded together. Our time there was a good experience. Especially the first three years or so.

Your photos are lovely, Lin. Odd I should think so. I generally don't find the beauty in the "stark landscape" that you do. Oh, now and then I do I guess. I occasionally take note of the vibrant red of the mountains... especially when the trees in the foreground are the lush green that they are in late spring and early summer. And on clear days when the sky is clear, and the indescribable shades of blue, ranging from powder to cobalt, that it often is. But for the most part, I find St. George to be dry, and bleak, and almost colorless. So, for me, the pictures in this post are delightful. They remind me that there is beauty to be found in Southern Utah during certain seasons, and in many places. Good job.

Kay said...

I do love seeing the wide open spaces in your part of the country, Lin.

Linda Reeder said...

That blue sky looks mighty attractive right now.