Friday, November 13, 2015

Autumn Surprises

Well, I finally got my autumn decorations put up just as my friend Caryn is putting up her Christmas decor. But fall weather is still arriving in So. Utah as the leaves change. Then we had a big surprise-no hot water. Just the other day, I commented what a luxury it is to have hot water. Then last night as I tried to shower it was gone!

Decor made by the Chinese for crazy! 
I love to decorate my shelf in the kitchen each season or holiday
Finding a plumber to come out immediately wasn't easy, but possible!
The old water heater of 17 years needed replacement
Allen had to clean out a corner of our garage/workshop...
New water heater says bye to old one on the right.
All settled in and hooked up, it's ready to go....


  1. Well. I'm glad you are not putting up Christmas decorations yet. We have to have Thanksgiving first, and you will be thankful for hot water!

  2. Love the Fall decor, it looks cute, but sorry about your water heater...hope its all done.