Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Saga of Texting....

Once there was a grandmother who wanted to be hip
texting her grandchildren was on top of her want list.
Already savy with computers and cell phones,
how difficult could it be to type text on a screen?

First, she needed a smart phone not a dumb one would do 
a deluxe new apple iPhone six would be nice.
How to find one wasn't easy, but a dilemma to solve
with wise advice from her guru son, the search began.

So many choices: buy a used one, buy a new one
then came the service charges and the carrier fees.
Decisions, decisions, decisions and so much money
it cost just to type a few words of text to others she knew.

Prices did vary from 700 to 300 dollars––what was best?
Then came the myriad service charges and data plans.
It's easier to buy a home, but the Internet chats did help.
Verizon and Best Buy each had offers too good to pass by.

Best Buy's new I-phone was only available in Las Vegas.
It had to be picked up in person, only 100 miles away.
That wouldn't do, then Verizon had a real discount bargain
under $300 for a new phone, but the hidden charges were many.

When added together they totaled over 800 dollars 
linked to a two year service contract. Oh, what to do? The costs
were enormous with no end in sight despite chat helpers
who labored for hours for just the right combination.

At last, a decision was made, she'd not decide today
but wait till prices went down. Then grandma discovered
the iPhone had mistakenly been ordered, while trying
to cancel this big mistake, a new chat friend was made.

A worker from Verizon was most helpful in pointing
the way, that with her old phone, granny could easily text
with just a small change of her current plan and pay less
using her old phone and saving lots of hard earned cash.

Thus our saga ends with grandma gaily texting
family and friends on her old (she thought) dumb phone
while ignoring the internet which wasn't needed for texting,
Grandmother joins the rising new generation of techies.


Linda Reeder said...

It can be confusing. Tom still has trouble remembering that text and voice are PHONE functions, not data functions. Date needs internet, phone doesn't.
But I have to say having a smart phone is wonderful. We have had ours for two years now and love them. Our smart phones know everything and allow us to stay in touch almost everywhere. They are expensive to operate, and they can be addicting, but they are the evil we choose.

mom/caryn said...

They will have to pry my smart phone from my cold, dead, fingers. I use it for EVERYTHING!!! I saved a TON by not going with the I-Phone.... and mine does everything that trina, and Pam's I-phone does.