Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Relief Society Fall Party

Poster advertises our get acquainted party for our church's women
Fall decorations were bright and colorful
Our enrichment committee did a great job of decorating/planning
Lots of goodies to enjoy and hot cider
Welcoming all our women to our activity
Special song "Getting to Know YOU!"
Meeting Sally a new member of our branch.
Fun activity of questions to answer in a group
Getting to know you was the focus of our meeting and we did!
New friendships were made and old ones renewed/strengthened


mom/caryn said...

this looks like a successful "Getting to Know You" activity. Want to come and work on one in our ward? You know, show us how it's done and all of that.
hmmmm... I had a sneaking suspicion you were going to turn me down on that one. It really does look like a good party, lin.

gremhog susan.hatch@gmail.com said...

I was going to write and wonder why our ward can't put on anything as pretty and then I realized. It's because our ward is filled with young yuppies who have no clue how to decorate for an event, let alone cook. Almost scary.