Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Beauty

The view outside our bedroom window
Two winters ago these pampus grass plants were frozen
and later cut down because of the severe cold-
surprise they came back more beautiful than ever...  
The morning sunlight illuminates this stalk.
Beauty just outside our window


  1. I love the pampas grass when it is blowing in the wind. One really needs to keep up with trimming it, and it becomes more beautiful if you do.

  2. Beautiful, indeed, and yet so different from our autumn beauty here in New England.

  3. he sun shimmering through the lush fronds of Pampas grass is beauty indeed. Nice thing to wake up to, eh?

  4. I love the feathery look of the pampas grass. Then again, since I just left my daughter who is getting allergy shots, I wonder if these would be a problem for her too. Sigh....