Friday, September 4, 2015

Writers conference in Logan Utah

After a few weeks rest from my cruise to Alaska, it's time to explore Utah my home state more. Off to Logan in the north for a writer's weekend conference.

Love those monsoon clouds that rise up in the hot afternoon skies.
Good to be back in my home state enjoying the beauty that is here.
Cache Valley, Utah beautiful area near the Idaho-Wyoming borders. 
Hubby is my chauffeur
UTSPS President Dawnell and I have a booth for poets.
Amy Jarecki is selling her books and teaching.
Carsoll Shreeve is also selling her books at the conference.
Writers-poets l-r Sue Leth, Fae Ellsworth & Marilyn Richardson in front.

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Linda Kay said...

Lin, always so much fun to be with fellow writers. We have a conference coming up in October here in Texas.