Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day Follows Day

My sons in 1993 was 22 years ago!
Months come and go with events some memorial and some to be forgotten. It seems amazing to me how life continues day after day with minor and major challenges. Overcoming and learning from trials seems a given. Making progress that is noticeable a daily concern.

Noticing your individual growth is sometimes only available in looking back at journal entries from the past. I have journals from 1974 that preserve my frustrations and triumphs to cope with life as a single parent then remarriage and a blended family-raising teenagers, and becoming a step mother.

Now I look at my posterity going through some of the same trials and experiences, and feel relief that I survived those years and pray for their success and learning as they meet some of the same challenges I faced. Here a link to a blog I wrote recently on "Helping children value family during divorce."

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  1. Interesting. Never experienced divorce but I've certainly seen many others experience it.