Monday, June 8, 2015


After three fun busy days with Emilee, her dad Daniel (my son) brought her sister down for her turn with Grandma. Funny me, I keep calling Heather––Emilee, but I'll get over that. We have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for Heather to do activities of her choosing. We'll go shopping, play games, cook together, eat lunch out, take walks, go to museums and concerts, talk and work on the computer on her resume for college and edit her creative writing. Later this week the twins will have their wisdom teeth out-that doesn't sounds like fun!

Emilee and Grandma dressed up to go to a baptismal meeting.
(l-r) Heather, GM & Emilee play Mexican Train dominoes together
Little Brother James, a live wire, came with Dad to exchange the twins!
Heather helps with breakfast while her dad cooks for us with James' help
Everyone helps, Emilee cleans the cantaloupe for breakfast.
Together Sunday morning for breakfast l-r Emilee, James, Dan, Heather+GP
Heather kisses her twin sister Emilee good bye for a few days...
Busy Dad Daniel waves goodbye. He knows the road well this week.
Cooking lessons-making Swedish pancakes is fun with help.
Grandpa does dishes and we do the cooking and menu planning.


Linda Kay said...

So glad you are able to enjoy your granddaughters doing fun things.

mom/caryn said...

Oh, Man!!! Wisdom teeth, eh? Just tell them to stay away from straws after the extractions. That's the number one cause of unnecessary pain. Sucking something through a straw. I know this is a fabulous time for you...having your two girls spend time with you one on one. It's especially fun because even though they're twins, they do have separate, individual, and different personalities. I can't wait for a full report after you've had a couple of days to rest and recuperate. Til then, let the good times roll!!!

Kay said...

This is so much fun! The girls will always remember this.

Linda Reeder said...

By now you are well into your second twin visit. I'm sure you are having a great time, and the twins are making memories.

Jean said...

You are busy, definitely, but what wonderful memories you are creating with Emilee and Heather.