Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer excitement!

Well, the visitors have left for their homes,
our old schedule remains to be re-discovered.
No more entertainment or meals to plan,
just sleep and recovery of physical strength.

Old routines return as normalcy surfaces.

Monday-mowers come and do our yard,
Tuesday-garbage and recycle day
Wednesday-free day-fix car muffler
Thursdays-temple session calls
Friday-it's the weekend again-date night?
Saturday-free day so far-road trip?
Sunday-church services

And so it goes with many hours in between
to fill or undone projects beckon
but are ignored, my computer is falling apart
though it continues to work, a blog post calls.

What's happening with your summer time?


  1. Lin, we are caught up with the move to the new house at the moment, but get to make a long trip to Maine, traveling by car on July 15th. We have a house rented there for a month, then will drive back to Texas.

  2. I am beginning to process to tidyup the whole house having now read the very popular how-to book...and I do believe it is life changing.

  3. We are currently traveling in the south. It's HOT here.

  4. I am watching hubby holding a sleeping baby...perfect