Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pine Valley COOL Drive

Last Sat on the hottest day of our summer so far, it was 108 degrees we took a ride to a cooler place the Pine Valley mountains about an hour from our home in St. George.
My first selfie and I got us both eating our Jimmy John's picnic together!
Lovely cool breezes and shade, everything's GREEN!
I love the Pine Valley mountains and their fresh smells!
Looking up, those clouds are providing more shades, possibly rain soon.
Looking down, granite rocks, pine cones and needles cover the ground
Love the sounds of the gurgling stream by our picnic table...
Amazing water gushes through our desert area.
Lots of firewood if needed. 
Pioneer homes stand empty once filled with families working the land

Some old historic homes have been restored and are lived in today!


  1. Looks like a lovely way to spend a day and avoid the intense heat.

  2. 108! That is hot! Too hot for me.
    Good for you for finding a place where you could enjoy being outside.

  3. sweet spot to cool off! I am gathering it truly is up IN the mountains? Sort of Romantic, right?

  4. That is so nice that there are still pioneer homes!

  5. 108!!!!!! And here I thought our 90 was horrible!