Thursday, June 11, 2015


Well, I'm exhausted after six plus days of entertaining my twin grand daughters separately––but it was FUN! I managed to do lots of different things for each twin.

For Emilee-we went shopping, to lunch and dinner, visited the nearby college-DSU, made a resume, walked, talked, attended the musical Mary Poppins, a band concert and the St. George Temple visiting center, practiced her driving, played Mexican Train dominoes, visited an art gallery, cooked stir fry,  baked apple dessert, zucchini muffins and attended a baptism. Whew!

With HEATHER-we went shopping, to lunch and dinner, made a resume, walked, talked, played games Rummy and Mexican Train, she had a private art lesson in Kayenta, attended St. George Live and helped me with church activities: funeral and Relief Society showing of Meet the Mormons! Double whew! Lol!

Checking out the St. George Art Museum and exhibit of cowboy+Indian artwork.
St. George live has actors in pioneer costumes telling about their lives.
Heather learns how to card wool to use on a spinning wheel to make yarn.
Jacob Hamblin actor tells of life in Southern Utah in 1860s. 
Orson Pratt tells of the history of the Opera House used for entertainment
Quite the inventor, he created a device for recording mileage, at first they had
to visually count every time the red flag went around the wagon wheel, then...
This device kept track of revolution of the wagon wheel, then turned a notch
on the inner wheel for 1/10 of a mile, then the larger wheel for miles.
Quite ingenious and it was hooked to a wagon wheel on the bed of the wagon.
At the St. George Tabernacle, we meet Erasus Snow who told us its history. 
On to the old courthouse, where the judge tells us of pioneer court cases.
The DUP Daughters of Utah Pioneers tells her ancestor's history.
Then we meet Brigham Young-second prophet of the Mormon Church.
Brigham Young led the Mormon pioneers from Nauvoo, Illinois to Utah,
then send a group of families south to settle St. George and grow cotton.


Linda Reeder said...

You did have a busy time of it, but so worth it!

Kay said...

I love it that you were able to give each twin undivided attention separately. You really gave them a treasure trove full of experiences.

Linda Kay said...

Excellent, your granddaughters wonderful experiences and memories.