Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Boat Update...

It's now been over 3 years since hubby started his retirement hobby of building a wooden boat. What a long journey frustrating at times, as new skills were learned and mistakes made that necessitated redoing some processes. This is where he's at today.

Brass strips have to be screwed into place to protect wooden boat bottom.
Curved to fit, then masked off for the next step...epoxy.
It looks simple but it's not, bending it to fit the boat's shape...
Physically and mentally challenging, next the strip will be glued to the wood
then all the little screws carefully drilled and filled with epoxy will be secured.
This is a lot like life, we learn by doing. I'm going back through my old journals from 2000+ and am amazed at how I'm still grappling with some of the same issues in my life.  Then there is my working desk without a computer which tends to become a stacking place for papers to sort later which  never comes. Picture the before stage stacked about 6 inches high every square inch. Now it's inviting!

Now the challenge to keep it looking like this and not make stacks!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing that boat in the water. It is surely a masterpiece.

  2. Your desk looks fabulous, Lin and your hubby's boat is incredible. Very, very impressive!

  3. Three years might sound like a long time to some, but I'll bet your husband is enjoying every single minute of this journey of working on his boat. Way to go, Lin. Your desk looks very nice.

  4. It must take a great deal of patience to work on something as long as that boat is taking. You will need a big celebration when it is launched.

  5. boat looks FINE! Have read this book...The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UP...and we are putting this into full practice, a bit at a time. And it's amazing. It works. Once done, nothing gets cluttered again. oh and the garbage bags!? can't count them. Same with the give-away bags...just need Vietnam Veteran's to call and come pick them up. 1 month down and 5 to go since Maris says it might take 6 months. She's right! It will.