Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Art Experiences

Both grand daughters love to draw and paint, so I decided to treat Heather
to an art lesson with a dear friend of mine Caroll Shreeve of Blue Raven Studio 

Heather picked this moonlight painting to play with acrylic paint.
Caroll on the left instructs mixing colors for the background layer.
Mixing colors is fun and then painting the canvas to create an effect.
Caroll demonstrates how to get the moonlight shadow in the lake.
Heather practices making the moon for the painting, then the shadows.
Tips from the teacher are very helpful...
Standing away and looking to see the final effect helps you tell if its done!
Heather's painting, photo by Heather from FACEBOOK!
Drying off the painting so she can sign her masterpiece is the last step.
Blue Raven Art Studio in Kayenta Utah near St. George is a fun place.
Then it's important to clean the paint off your hands... 

Other artists rent space here to paint and display their art for sale.
Lots of desert and cactii scenes.
Love this piece with 3D beads, feathers and stick.


Linda Reeder said...

What a great experience for Heather.

Kay said...

This is such a wonderful learning experience for Heather. It's so special to get one on one training.

Linda Kay said...

You are giving her a great chance to learn and appreciate the art and what she can do.