Sunday, May 3, 2015

Visit to Vermont

While in Vermont, we drove 40 miles So. to visit Joseph Smith's birthplace.
I've always wanted to visit this LDS church's historical landmark.
Monument erected at Joseph Smith's birthplace in Sharon, Vt.
Painting of Joseph Smith's First Vision-prophet of Mormon church

Brief history of Joseph Smith after he moved from Vt to Palmyra, NY.
Grand kids enjoying an early spring day in Vermont before flying home to Utah
Rock perimeter is the foundation of Smith's log cabin where the family lived.
Spring crocuses are peeking up out of a long winter's slumber.
Soon grass will grow and everything will green up for SPRING!
Listen to the frogs croaking! The boys tried to catch some frogs...

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Kay said...

The crocus are so beautiful and your grandkids are growing up so fast.