Thursday, May 7, 2015

Snow Bird farewell...

Time for my friend Caryn to return tomorrow to Northern Utah to escape our summer heat. We've enjoyed our Wednesday play days-shopping and going out to lunch. Mostly just talking.

Today we headed to the local Star Nursery to check out plants and shrubs.
Trying to figure out what to replace my trellis with. 
Spring flowers abound in fresh  colors, saying...Buy me!
Love this cheerful pink and liveliness of blooming again.
Caryn almost bought some flowers, but remembered
she is heading home to Ogden soon. 
Off to visit our favorite second hand thrift store-URBAN RENEWAL!
Fun stuff to decorate your home with, but I don't have any more room.
I think this is called window shopping, free but entertaining.
Even tried on some second hand clothes but nothing fit me.
I love their displays, so creative and colorful.
Wouldn't you love a kitchen decorated like this?
Very springlike...
I remember using one of these for many years before computers...
Very masculine and westerny!
Just what I need a cow for my!


  1. Farewell to Caryn. I know you will miss her company.
    The Urban Renewal store looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Wow! The snowbird season seems to have ended extra quick this year. I know you'll be missing your wonderful Caryn.

  3. Those thrift shops are so much fun. I have a friend who is queen of thrift shopping and she has some amazing finds. Our snowbirds in Fredericksburg are all heading north for the summer...Wisconsin, Colorado, Minnesota.