Friday, May 1, 2015


Spring at Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon
Time to pause...feel the seasons change,
enjoy the beginnings of early spring,
promises of summer warmth to come.

New life and possibilities for growth
arrive daily as I look at choices
that come my way, beckoning.

My companion says, What are you going
to do now? As if I opportunities
come, I will ponder them in my heart.

How best to use my precious time each day
is as important as what seeds to plant
in my garden of self development.

So what are your plans for summer which is soon upon us? It's 90 degrees here today and we've turned on our AC. I'm starting a new blog for Utah State Poetry Society to share ideas among the nine poetry chapters statewide that I'll be supervising in my new position as Chapter Coordinator. Trying to build membership and further poetry in our state helps others find their VOICE and is important to me. See my new blog


Jean said...

Most of my thoughts these days are gardening related. Got cucumber, zucchini, and butternut squash seedlings growing on the kitchen windowsill. Got eggshells, banana peels, coffee grounds, pistachio shells collected for nourishment for the garden. Soon I'll mix up some deer deterrent spray to mist my host as and other plants beloved by the local deer. I love spring. Love it!

Linda Kay said...

Lin, good luck with your new blog, but don't forget us! We have some traveling ahead of us and a move to a new home, then we are off to Maine for the hottest part of summer.