Saturday, May 30, 2015

Changes Coming...

Remember our anniversary wind sculpture we bought?
Time to place it, but hubby dug through a water drip line so...after a repair.
It's all ready for the wind with a turtle protecting it.
Here a real live rabbit in our back yard eating our grass and strawberries.
Look closely on the left is a ceramic rabbit and on the right is a live one!
Remember the one baby bird-he's now grown and soon ready to fly away.
Hubby is placed a brass strip to protect boat's bottom
Soon he'll be ready to turn it over to work on insides.


Jean said...

I would love a wind sculpture like yours for my flower garden!

Rambling Woods said...

I like the sculpture, but love this boat project.... Cute bunny...

Linda Reeder said...

Wind sculptures are fun to watch. I hope you put it where yuou can see it from inside the house.
That boat is amazing.

Kay said...

Your hubby is amazing and the wind sculpture looks fabulous!