Saturday, May 16, 2015


Hubby is still working on the boat after about 2+ years of assembling, painting, sanding and repainting the outside, that part is finally done. Now it's soon time to turn it's some history-started about three years ago and it will be another year before it's ready to launch...

The boat came in a computer drafted kit, lots of pieces
These are the strakes or sides of the boat that were carefully assembled
This is the frame that the boat will be built around, then taken out...
It's coming together slowly, this is a BIG PROJECT or HOBBY!
Sanding first then epoxy and finally painting...for years it seems.
Finally it's painted and finished to perfection, time to turn it over.
Making a template for the bottom of the boat so it can be turned over. 
An engineer at work, designing a cradle for the boat bottom to rest on.
His original plans are in French but drawings help lots to get measurements.
Soon it will be time to wince the boat up in order to turn it over-stay tuned.


  1. I'm just so amazed at what he's doing! Wow!

  2. I admire his stick-to-it-iveness. What a masterpiece he's making.