Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day Activities

We attended the Ogden LDS temple open hour for tours
The angel Moroni on top with a lightning rod hat 
Dan and Tina's family squint into the morning sun...
Rachel and Jeff's family with happy grandma Lin
Special occasion with six of my seven grandkids together...
The boys, two sons and three grandsons all dressed up.
Eating at Golden Corral afterwards.
Lorien enjoys a great cupcake!
Home at Daniel's back yard with a visiting deer.
Lorien rests after swimming in the Hatch pool
Edmund snuggles with grandma Lin
The twins: Heather and Emilee now 16 years old.


Linda Kay said...

How lovely for you to be able to spend some time with this beautiful family. They all look so dapper all dressed up!

Linda Reeder said...

Fun for you, Grandma Lin!

Sandy Carlson said...

A beautiful family!