Monday, September 15, 2014

Fixing Guest Room

With the boat building project taking up half or more of the garage, most of the stuff in there ended up in our second guest casita until we decided to add a bunkbed for visitors expected in October on their way to Disneyland: Jeff-Rachel's and Daniel-Tina's families with 6 grandkids in tow. Then add my best girl friend from Sweden, we'll be camping out too on the back lawn.

Before, a messy storage room with no room for anyone
Soon a new bunk bed will provide extra comfy sleep room for grandkids 
Just a little more rearranging of boxes and stuff and we're ready for visitors.
Even the bathroom gets a shelf for extra linens!


Linda Kay said...

Looks good, Lin!

Kay said...

This is so cool! My granddaughter has always hinted at wanting a bunk bed.