Wednesday, September 10, 2014

De-clutter Time....Again

The piles grow higher and higher
as clutter sneaks into my life and home.
Unsuspectingly as I place yet another piece
of paper or envelope on welcoming surfaces,
I hardly notice it's growth and development.

Until one day there are no paths around it.
Clutter fills my home, mind and heart.
Time to de-clutter, but that process isn't easy.
Now I have to carefully consider each piece:
keep, file-where? or throw away-oh no!

Indecision is what made this clutter
in the beginning...I'll decide later what to do.
I know better, I should be an expert after
all these years of cluttering my life with
un-useful things that seem important.

Maybe just set a fire? No, that would destroy
everything good and bad. Let my hubby decide?
Nope––he still has boxes of boy scout stuff
from long ago. Maybe just close the door
quickly and pretend it's not there? No! No! No!

Time to face the music and my reality.
Decide if I haven't used or wore something
for years––is it worth cluttering up my life.
Tossing into the trash, frees my spirit
to see the valuables I do need to treasure.


Terri Tiffany said...

I love to declutter! Moving around so much like we do makes it a necessity. I wish I could do that with the stuff we didn't bring! Someday!

Linda Reeder said...

Around here most things out in plain sight get de-cluttered daily. It's the hidden stuff that piles up.

Jean said...

Oh, you wrote this piece for me, surely. I love the appearance of my house once it's die cluttered, but quickly the clutter sneaks back in.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

I sure do understand that indecision business. I don't have trouble with clothes, but I do have trouble parting with paper and books.

Wishing you the freedom to let it go.

Enjoyed the poem.

Mare said...

I am also trying to de-clutter the stuff I have neglected to deal with...It seems to never go away!