Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pine Valley again

Pine Valley Chapel constructed in 1868, still in use!
Padded wooden bleachers are still in use.
Lovely chapel with a stage area for performances also.
Handmade wooded podium says it all.
Amazing what pioneer could build with few tools but lots of labor. 
Intricate wood structure for the roof of the chapel, constructed like a boat.
Lots of individuals have attended this church/school and social hall.
Watch out wild turkey crossings!
Goodbye to Pine Valley mountains and a wonderful church picnic.
Sunsets on another busy desert mountain day...


  1. Lin, I am always amazed at the construction in times when the modern day tools were not available. Some lovely pics as those mountains.

  2. You're right, our pioneers created such beautiful works with few tools. And look at the New England stone walls that have lasted for centuries. Amazing. And don't get me started on the lovely, intricate needlework of pioneers!

  3. not sure where this is but I LOVED looking at this building. And you are so correct...with little on hand but hand tools, basically this structure has withstood the elements and time. What a tribute
    How did you get up into the rafters?