Friday, August 1, 2014


Good bye to hot July with three digit temps!
Welcome to cooler August with monsoons.
Still summer, still hot, but we're moving towards favorite season of harvest and rest.

Soon we'll all COMPLAIN of the cold,
but for now it's distress with humid heat
that constantly bakes everything dry
as we rush through air conditioned days.

Lamenting the weather is our daily pattern
despite the season...whether it's cold
or hot or infrequently rainy or freezing.
We act like SPOILED little children.

Never realizing that opposition is LIFE.
Part of this needed earthly experience
teaching patience, hope and long suffering
as we push through each day's rush.

Too soon, it's all over as DEATH awaits
each...the final farewell to heat, discomfort,
earthly experiences to be found in each day.
Then, we'll long for those complaining times.


Linda Kay said...

We really can't complain here in south Texas, as we haven't even hit 100 yet, and the weather forecast is in the low 90s for the next several days. Your thoughts remind me of the farmers back in weather is the right weather! And what would we talk about if we couldn't talk about the weather! Thanks for sharing.

Linda Reeder said...

Is it possible that we complain about the weather because we have absolutely no control over it?

Sandy Carlson said...

You remind us that we are here, and we are blessed. Thank you!