Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hawk Waiting


In the tree outside my kitchen window
sits a quiet Kestrel hawk unnoticed,
alert ––observant––focused.

Patiently he sits on a high branch
waits for his next meal of birds
that land on our backyard fence.

It won’t be long till he selects his prey,
swoops down, closes his claws securely
about an unsuspecting carefree victim.

Then with savageness, he’ll de-feather,
devour greedily his meal for the day,
returning to his perch to wait for more.

Hawks like critics always look for
weaknesses in others to pounce upon,
rip away self confidence and esteem.

Beware––don’t be a victim, watch out.
Who protects you from your critics?


Linda Kay said...

Lin, I guess I just have thick skin. I try to look at the motivation behind the criticism, then consider that my life is mine; their life is their own. I had lunch with a friend on Tuesday who is constantly offended easily by someone. Not sure how to help her, but she spends a lot of time depressed. (sigh)

Sandy Carlson said...

You are an astute observer. This is great, Lin!

Rambling Woods said...

I agree.... Oh I am too sensitive I think so people get to me

Kay said...

Hmmm... That looks like a Cooper's Hawk.