Monday, August 25, 2014


            It seems in our modern society that the traditional old-fashioned family and its values are fading away. Yet many young people, growing up in today’s families full of broken relationships caused by death, divorce or other disruptions, are still choosing a partner to create their own expectations of a FAMILY. Where are their role examples, if not in their own family? Television and movies certainly don’t portray emotionally healthy lifestyles. In our current reality TV shows everyone seems to be focused on their own selfish desires, not willing to accept responsibility for anyone else’s happiness. Commitment and fidelity seem to be lost in the rush for self-fulfillment. I can’t tell you how many romance movies or novels where boy meets girl, feels love (or lust) and in a manner of hours/days they are in bed together without any commitment for their future. How many young people feel that this is normal and expected in our society?
           Are families needed? Many modern thinkers will tell you a resounding NO! But there is something to be said for the security of  the old-fashioned family where values are taught and modeled by loving committed parents. Our genealogies are full of family examples that need to be shared and preserved, held up as a model to emulate. I knew my grandfather loved my grandmother. He was totally committed to her care and his family. His free time was spent growing a garden to help with the food bill and sharing his love of the great outdoors with family on fishing and camping trips. He was a man of integrity. Though not a churchgoer, Grandpa was the first there to help a neighbor in need. I loved writing about his life story to share with my family. Our youth need to know of their roots and the sacrifices of others family members that opened up opportunities for their descendants.     
            Every family has its disappointments and trials, individuals who stray from common principles, and lessons to be learned. But a family is always there to hopefully love and forgive one another in this great school called LIFE. Although my mother and I didn’t see eye to eye on many issues, I knew she had my back. She was there for me. Friends have come and gone over the years, but family is always there. Are there stories about your family that you need to write to share their examples? NEXT TIME: Saturday Night Drive Inn. 


  1. Lin, very interesting thoughts on the family as a unit in the future. Perhaps some young people will try to reverse their own experiences and work hard at keeping a family as a unit. But you are right in that there is no real example of the right kind of relationships. At least not as we know them. Enjoyed your thoughts.

  2. I, for one, think that family is very important. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic, it is a thought provoking post.