Monday, August 11, 2014

Article #304 Family As Priority

Life today for parents can be a rat race between work, school, church, and community activities. Individuals can loose track of the importance of the family and the opportunities that parenting provides. Many young people are choosing not to marry or have children because of the responsibilities involved. That’s where grandparents or aunts and uncles can be helpful if they live close enough to support family values that could be lost in our modern society. Some grandparents do fill their retirement days with a new rat race running from activities to appointments mostly medical. It’s too easy no matter your age or responsibilities to put family as a low priority.

It would be an ideal world if every family was loving and supportive. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen as death, divorce, abuse and other factors play a role in how nurturing your childhood and growing up was. As an only child raised by a widowed mom (she was raised by a widowed mom also), my goal was always to have an intact HAPPY family with lots of kids and a loving father in the home, but unfortunately that got derailed when divorce introduced itself to my dreams after my marriage.

Recently a friend of mine shared with me that her childhood lacked loving, caring parents.  School teachers encouraged and praised her abilities, an aunt loved her unconditionally and a family friend created many happy memories from the times they spent together. When this special family friend died, Donna wrote a memorial poem about him as one way to handle the grief she felt.  Here’s that poem: 


It was 1950 when they met, 
a man twenty three, her a child yet. 
This guy who might have been partying, having fun
chose to befriend a child quite young.
She needed someone who would listen and praise, 
he took the time to brighten her days. 

Many moves later, he never lost touch 
with this young person who missed him so much. 
He settled down, married and had his own child 
but always wrote notes that filled her with smiles. 

When she thinks of Gary, she thinks of him thus 
a man you could count on, a man you could trust. 
A man who was loving even across miles 
always remembered by Donna, his pal. 

When the year 2002, began 
his beautiful life came to an end. 
But her heart and soul will always contain 
sweet memories of Gary, her forever friend. 

NEXT TIME: Friends and Family. Would love to add your short stories here-leave them in a comment.


Linda Kay said...

Lin, I was fortunate to have very caring parents with my mom at home and my dad working hard on the farm and with his harvesting business. My older brother became a minister, and I rebelled a bit against that "perfect" life. Even after my own life challenges, I look back at them with total respect, as they always let us know they loved us unconditionally. My dad would get emotional watching Bonanza if there was a touching family scene. Certainly no regrets, and I try to make sure my children and grandchildren know that I am here for them as well. Thanks for sharing your friend's experience.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Good to ponder what's eating up our time and energy so that we don't have time for what this life is about in the first place.... our families and loving one another.

Thanks, Lin!


Kay said...

I must say, family was a priority for us throughout July and into August.