Monday, April 28, 2014

End of Another Month report

Hubby finishing off the prime coat on the second side of his boat
Wow-what a month this has been with visits from all of my grandchildren and their parents, a new calling in my church as Relief Society 1st Counselor responsible for the welfare and needs of 150 plus women in our LDS Branch, plus writing 4+ columns and several poems and a final report on March's Poetry in the Park event in Zion Park. Not to mention my weekly exercise class, daily walks, cooking 3 meals a day, many loads of laundry and a little housecleaning here and there. I'm enjoyed most of it especially the afternoon naps when I could squeeze them in. My favorite experience playing with and watching my grandchildren, sharing a private moment or two with family members that I don't see often.

Hubby is careful, thorough and meticulous in any job he does....dishes included.
Realizing that there is an end to all this together time as one of my cousin's daughters not yet 50 passed away suddenly leaving behind a fiance and three shocked children. Trying to understand how to live more fully so when my departure comes one of these years, I will have experienced the joy and love that is possibly during this brief journey accompanied by family and friends.

My friend Caryn is taking an art class and developing her talents in pastels!


  1. Wow! Your friend's art is amazing! I am also in awe of the boat! It is a real boat!! He has done such a great job. I bet he can't wait to put it in the water! Sounds like your life is busy busy--that is wonderful.

  2. Yes, living like there is an end makes all the difference. I decided that about the time I retired from teaching. My grandchildren came along and I knew I wanted to have lots of time to spend with them because we never know when we'll be called on to eternity.

  3. It's good to see how that beautiful boat is coming along, and to see Caryn's smiling face(s). Lin you are an accomplished and giving person and you do live life fully.

  4. It has been so much fun to see that boat developing into the beautiful craft it is now. Your hubby is a wonder.

    And Caryn is a wonder too.

  5. Lin,
    Your post is a great reminder that we are here for just a little while. You make every moment count, and you make it beautiful.