Friday, April 11, 2014

Article #288 More Family Memories

             Each family has its own unique beginnings, events and history. Time to share your story with us. Doyle Wilcox Perkins of St. George recalls something different about his extended family: Early in 1900, the Perkins family and the Wilcox Family had farms in Preston, Idaho. The farms were on different roads, but backed up to each other. Three Perkins brothers ended up married to three Wilcox sisters. They all named their children with the middle name of Wilcox. It ended up with 37 children or cousins with the same middle name of Wilcox. At this writing the total count is only five cousins living, but the legacy has carried on the genealogical line for many years.
I’m still looking for stories of how your parents met. Wanda Bublik of St. George tells us of her parents courtship: Moraine Hicks worked at DeWinnes Café in San Antonio, Texas.  Herb McDougall came in for lunch every day.  On the 30th day of April, 1936 he asked, “What would it take to get you to go out with me?” Somewhat surprised, she just laughed and said pointing to the floor, “Stand on your head.”  Looking crushed he began to unwind his legs from under the counter and stood, walking toward the door. As Moraine turned around she was astounded to see two long lanky legs straight up in the air.  Herb stood on his head right in the middle of DeWinnes Café.  He ungracefully crumbled into a heap, and she laughed.
             Herb sat right there on the floor and asked “Well, now will you go out with me?” Motioning him to get up, she said, “I don’t even know you.  Let me buy you a piece of pie.”  As they talked he told her that his name was Herb and that it was his 21st birthday. He proposed to her on 28th November, her birthday. They were wed on Christmas Eve 1936, had 6 children and were married for 64 happy years.
             Please send me your family stories. Make it a priority to write down and preserve your family’s unique traditions and background. Where did you ancestors come from? Did they prepare any special dishes that are still enjoyed in your family today? Make time NOW, sit down and write something about your heritage. I’ll help you edit and publish it for others to appreciate and enjoy. You can do it in a comment on this blog. NEXT TIME: Unique Traditions. 

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