Tuesday, January 14, 2014

HWG Presentation


Presentation on Memoirs

Besides PRINT, there are other DIGITAL OPTIONS for PUBLISHING

1. An E-BOOK which is just a digital copy of your printed book (i.e. my latest book Discover Your Voice After Divorce) which can be downloaded to a digital reader (Nook, Kindle, I-pad, etc. or to a computer) or attached to an e-mail. Many options for doing this. I used Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

2. WEBPAGES-I have all my FAMILY HISTORIES on a webpage that I use from YAHOO.com. See http://www.famhistory1867.com for possibilities of this type of publishing. Will need specific software (I used Pagemill to set up a webpage) and some expertise. Ask a computerwise family member for help! Check out www.familysearch.org  the LDS website that is open to all and has options for adding photos and stories of yourself and your ancestors.

3. BLOGS (you are there) which is really just a WEBPAGE but with the option for your readers to COMMENT on what they read. It can be adapted to any topic including your memoirs or just some section of your life. Those who can access or contribute to your blog can be determined by you. Your audience can be the whole world or just limited to family members. See settings for details and there are easy templates to set up a blog.

4. PDF-Portable Document Files can easily be copied to CDs, DVDs or emailed as an attachment when your memoir is finished simply convert your doc file to a pdf. It's quite easy using a print copy or export option in your word processing software. A pdf file saves all your formatting while a document file doesn't. More options info available in my book Find Your Voice: Write Your Life Story  available for $10 with ideas on beginning to write, editing and publishing.

5. I-MOVIES or SLIDE SHOWS with special software can add color, movement and sound possibilities to your memoir. They can be saved to DVDs or uploaded to YouTube.com as I did my Icelandic movie to share with family. Opportunities for adding sound, movie clips, music, etc.

6.  Don't forget FACEBOOK, TWITTER and other SOCIAL MEDIA sites for tidbits of your memoirs or a way to HOOK your audience into wanting to read all of your memoir.

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  1. excellent run down...you've come a long way baby!

    Our library has offered Zinio as well as Hoopla for free for entertainment. I am thrilled. I was elected or selected to be one of the Trustees and love working with our amazing library. They are totally keeping current with technology.