Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas poem-THE GIFT

THE GIFT by Lin Floyd

Sitting patiently in the darkness
on a small donkey, Mary waits
as Joseph searches for lodging.
It has been a long weary journey.

Crowded with harried taxpayers
returning to their home villages
to pay tribute to Roman rulers,
there is no room in the inn.

Soon the expectant mother will
deliver. Her husband finds
a humble stable in Bethlehem
for the Son of God to be born.

The King comes quietly…a baby
wrapped in swaddling clothes 
lying in a manager surrounded
by simple barnyard creatures.

The new mother lovingly gazes
into the eyes of her first born.
He is precious and sweet, yet
radiant. Soon visitors will arrive.

Shepherds herding sheep nearby
hear the angelic announcements:
Good tidings of great joy, for there
is born to you…a Savior who is Christ.

Wise men will follow the bright star
bringing gifts to the newborn babe
prophesized in ancient scriptures
to come and save His chosen people. 

A birth so common yet uncommon,
it will change human history forever.
A son born to a virgin mother Mary,
raised in humble circumstances on earth.

He will labor for three short years,
preaching, healing, baptizing then
sacrificing His life for man’s sins.
A gift from God to all mankind.


dellgirl said...

Nice poem, Lin. Thanks for sharing it. I'm just stopping in to wish you peace, love and happiness.

I hope your Christmas was everything you wished for!

Rambling Woods said...

This is beautiful Lin.....

Sandy Carlson said...