Friday, December 6, 2013

Boat REPORT-the stem is on...

Vaccumming the dust away before applying epoxy.
Masking where the epoxy won't be.
Mixing the two parts of epoxy-resin and hardener
Stirring carefully measured amount of epoxy for the job
Applying epoxy to the stem
Coating the boat stem 
Needs to be completely covered before stem is applied
Time to apply the coated stem to the boat
Carefully made and matched with dowels
Holes are drilled through the stem into the boat
Only two screws and epoxy will hold the stem in place
The dowels will be removed next and the holes filled
Notice the epoxy squeezing out, it will be smoothed over
Later the masking blue tape will be removed.


  1. Thanks for the update on the wonderful boat building adventure, it's awesome. Allen's patience constantly amazes me, way-to-go-Allen!

  2. it is so much fun to see the progress...cannot wait to see you both in it, on water! Congrats.

  3. Oh wow... this is wonderful. I showed the pics to my hubby, especially the part about the project being worked in the garage next to the family car.

  4. It's so amazing to see the boat take shape. He is such a fabulous craftsman.