Monday, December 23, 2013

Article #274 Inner Scars

              A friend of mine wrote a blog recently about physical scars that we all carry that are the result of an earlier injury or operation. They are a reminder of some trauma that happened to our physical body. I got to thinking about the INNER SCARS we all have that don’t show up as easily, but are visible through our outward behavior and body language. Unfortunately inner wounds don’t heal as easily as many physical scars do.
Skin cancer surgery left a long scar on a family member’s face recently where about 15 stitches were required to close the wound properly. Without this procedure, the cancer would have grown larger and more invasive. As time passes, the wound is healing and hardly visible any more. Is this true of inner wounds that we all have whether from our own misbehaviors or interactions with others?
            It’s impossible to get through life without some emotional trauma, heartbreak or disappointment whether it’s a rebellious child, marriage problems, being single, childless or loss of job. Others seem to have perfect life until you get to know them well enough, then they will reveal their personal disappointments. The newspapers and TV are full of these events daily. Some so traumatic that you wonder how people survive. The human spirit is quite resilient and can heal with time and loving support from others. Perhaps that’s the silver lining in all the hurricanes, floods, and natural disasters that take place. You see the kindness and caring for others that is manifested by the loving service given to survivors to start over and repair the damages. Perhaps that’s part of the plan for this earthly experience, to assist others and our selves in healing, continuing on. Are there inner scars you have that haven’t healed?
            From teaching classes on writing your life story, I’ve found that capturing in your journal or biography the lessons learned from each trauma in your life is therapeutic. It’s a gift that comes from enduring and overcoming whatever your challenge is or was. Not getting stuck in regrets but becoming an observer looking back at what happened from the viewpoint of maturity and time that has past. Events at the time that were earth shattering can sometimes become family stories than bind and bring humor to the challenge of growing up together. NEXT TIME: Tell Your Story.


  1. I like what you have to say here. And I agree that writing things down is therapeutic. I currently have some things I'd like to change in my life. Thanks for the boost of confidence!

  2. This is so true, Lin. It's good to write your stories down for those who will come after you. Inner scars are often the hardest to heal though.