Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Priorities and Focus

In our BUSY WHIRL of daily activities
there is never enough time to do it all. 
So, it's important to CHOOSE wisely and
hopefully according to our PRIORITIES.

Although sometime SURVIVAL seems
to push its way into seeming to be
a priority while more important matters
take a back seat, like flossing our teeth.
I only mention that because it's one of my sins
of OMISSION. I do brush, but floss seldom.
One day too soon, I will/am reaping
the results of not focusing on myself.

I ALWAYS get the laundry done and meals
on the table, grocery shopping accomplished, 
the house vacuumed, but not dusted. Things
in general order though not my computer desk!
It reminds me of my mind, cluttered with
too much JUNK to even focus on what are my
priorities. Certainly relationships are more
important than housekeeping, aren't they?

BALANCE is called for to quiet my busy mind.
Establish some routines to give order to my life.
First personal hygiene, exercise, diet + spiritual 
nourishment for my day-prayer and scripture study!

Then time to look towards my chosen COMPANION
with love and tenderness, consideration for his needs.
Reaching out to others is important, especially my
extended family-children and grand children... 


  1. I've been enjoying your inspiring posts lately, Lin. Thank you. They have been especially meaningful
    to me lately, since I have recently lost my dear mother who passed away in Wisconsin on October 18. I am grateful each member of the hospital staff took care of themselves first so they could offer top notch care to my mom during her many crises after her stroke.

  2. We are HUGE devotees of flossing. I have to be.