Monday, April 29, 2013


Our days are now full of heat 90 degrees, the air
conditioner is turned on and thoughts are turning
to summer vacations in cooler climes...

Summer is too soon here in Southern Utah as

my friend Caryn prepares to head home to central Utah.

One last play date and lunch at Kayenta's Coyote Gulch.

They just finished a street painting celebration.

Different organizations and artists participated.

with acrylic chalk, the paintings are faded but

are still visible. These are made by children artists.

Our favorite local cactus is full of huge blossoms.

It's a small plant but for two weeks it blooms,

then rests for another year and another Spring.

Good bye Spring and hello to Summer!


  1. You will be moving indoors just about the time we will finally be getting comfortable outdoors.

  2. wow...we are still enjoying Spring here in Ohio...but the heat is coming soon.

  3. Spring is a reluctant guest here, so the thought of summer warmth has me pleasantly bewildered. Stay cool!

  4. Very nice street art!

  5. Oh my goodness... already you are saying goodbye to spring. We're just saying hello. The first really nice day where the wind doesn't feel so northerly!

    What a lovely cactus! I love that first shot of it you have here.

    I'm sure you and Caryn had lots of fun. I have special memories of her encouraging comments when I first started blogging way back when.

  6. Wow! Those cactus flowers are beautiful. I'm so glad you could have such quality fun times with Caryn.