Thursday, April 18, 2013

Article # 241 Paradigm Shift

           A new word that I’ve learned is PARADIGM SHIFT. Well, heading to the trusty (?) source of all knowledge…the Internet, I found this definition: a change from one way of thinking to another. It's a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis. It just does not happen, but rather it is driven by agents of change. (
            I remember going through a change of thinking when I left high school and headed to college. With childish expectations, I thought I would live the fairy tale.  Surprise-I found that not every experience or person I met was positive or supportive. The world was challenging. Learning that expectations are pleasant dreams you hope will come true, it was time to grow up, regroup my look at life and move forward with new goals-a paradigm shift.
            Maybe this is what fuels the rebellion of teenagers and young people? As they look at the adult world, their disappointments can turn into anger and lashing out at the society they harshly judge. It’s NOT FAIR. Why can’t life be easier? Many escape into drugs or suicide, but for those willing to go forward the real life education happens in the day to day experiences of trying to find self, a purpose, a way to improve and develop their abilities. A change of thinking from one way to another is needed.
            In our strident world, it’s not easy to find your voice amidst the many competing issues and upheaval. How you cope with the violence that surrounds you and fills the newscasts and air waves? Why can’t everyone find a soul mate, a fulfilling occupation, and have a successful life. It’s so unfair, unless you make a paradigm shift in thinking.
            Maybe this is how life is suppose to be? Full of opportunities to make choices that can either move you forward or backwards in your development. Would you have it any differently? Force everyone to be GOOD? Bully them into the behavior you think is appropriate? That doesn’t work either. So make a shift in your thinking that maybe there is suppose to be opposition in the world either created by a higher power or a big bang. Life is is full of ying and yangs, opportunities and tragedies. Perhaps the real purpose in living is to learn from each experience, set your own goals and press forward with faith, energy and a new outlook? NEXT TIME: Lighten Up!

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Mare said...

At a conference that I attended while still teaching, we learned to get rid of the 'Life's not fair' idea and substitute "Life's not equal" which seems to make sense and also take some of the sting out of whatever situation is feeling 'unfair'. Helps me.